Our Current Projects

Promoting Child Rights and Equal Opportunities Project: This is a three year project implemented in three communities in the Northern Region of Ghana in partnership with Safe Child Advocacy (SCA) in Kumasi. The aim of the project is to create equal opportunities for street-connected children to realize their potentials and to ensure communities become more compliant to child rights by reducing the incidence of abuse of the rights of children. This is through awareness raising and support to young girls who wants to learn technical and vocational skills.

International Day for Street Children Project: This is commemorated every year on the 12th of April in order to amplify the voices and highlight the plight of street-connected Children across the world and in Ghana, so that duty bearers can take action. The activities usually entails awareness raising about child rights in schools, communities, as well as churches and mosques.

Skills Training for Street-connected Young Girls Project: This is a two-year project that is training 35 vulnerable young girls in various skills areas, namely, weaving, computer skills, phone repairs and Multi TV installation and repairs.

Media advocacy for citizen engagement and social accountability: The objective of this Project is to ensure that the citizens are engaged with the day to day governance and development issues and processes of the country. This is done by ensuring that CEDEPA experts participate in objective media discussions to explain the day to day governance and development issues that are reported in the various news portals on a daily basis.